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This whole concept for The Radiant Self was all written about and documented in my Journals at the time. There were glimpses and headings and stories and graphs and dreams and visions and images... anything to do with the written/conception side expressed during the creation and promotion phase is on this page. There were also associated sayings which are a great way to get started on the subject....

First, there is the main one at the top of the page:

This is 'my' message to humanity through me. It contains all the seed concepts for personal and planetary transformation, in the simplest form of message and as a call to action.

Second, the parallel phrase to that one is: "Fulfil Yourself Radiantly!"
So, the full version is the process and call but the second phrase is sort of the short-form and is more about visioning and pursuing the goal as a path. The purpose.

And thirdly, the 'relating' version is:
"Your Soulmate stands by the side of the road on the pathway to your fulfillment"
Which means that you can only meet your soulmate when you are walking your radiant path that leads to this radiant fulfillment and in that light you not only have the ability to see your own truth and fulfillment but, in that Light, you are able to see your soulmate - and they can See you!

Here are some excerpts from the Japetus Journals leading up to the recording and production. While these may not be specifically about the album it shows how the concept and pursual of radiance was very much a part of my day to day thinking and feeling and visioning:

"We look at life through the puny eyes of three-score and ten with five operational senses and forteen dead senses. I mean, once we begin to live really live, aware of the seven chakras and their modern interpretations plus the seven aura intelligences - then we're magic.

Positive, ordained growth making itself manifest.

Cause & effect with love. Although the law is perfect & just, it is benevolent in its purpose. Benevolence is inherent in its expression solely because of life representing growth. Where there is cause there is Love and 'God'.

Being is the seed. You have to kneel down and paddle to be 'on' the Wave.

Look up inside your brain and imagine that it is hollow and it's a mass of squiggles and lines glowing in a deep golden light. See it expanding until it covers the whole sky from horizon to horizon."

Still further:
"Radiant Self - soundtrack for healing.
application - hospitals... children's and psych
Therapists... Naturopath, massage.

You need a concept... and interesting concepts."

More to come...

The Radiant Self
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