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The Radiant Self is my 'Major Work' and - it is a real 'work-out' - on all energetics in many dimensions. After creating the first six ambient new age albums - The Great Great Silence in 1983 and Once Around the Sun in 1984, then working with Nevill Drury on The Mystic Pathways series of three double albums in 1985, then the much-loved Visions of Paradise in 1986, I was ready to put it all together. I wrote in my Journals at that time that I thought this next album was the final one!

The Radiant Self was first visioned in 1987 after completing Visions of Paradise and represents the pinnacle, the centre, of the Visionary Journeys catalogue and holds all the energy of every album before it and it also seeded all the albums that came after it.

In fact, on The Radiant Self there are excerpts from the album that came after it, Infinity later, in 1988! Before The Radiant Self could be completed in March 1989, the parameters of 'infinity' had to be explored and set, so that the journey could be nestled into just the right space - in me as well.

The Radiant Self is a two-part journey and the first part - The Journey Through - is an important and essential section because if you can't 'get in' then you can't 'be in' the inner space to experience the second part - The Realisations - of which there are five. 'The Journey Through' is an important soundspace that guides, prepares and trains the adept for 'inner space' where they can then undertake their own explorations and realisations.

Below you can see an annotated scan of the original hand-drawn graphic from my Journal #26 (which was titled 'Germination') in January 1988. It clearly shows in simple detail the landscape and topography for that first part of the journey. It is 'The Way in'!

If you click and enlarge the picture you can see all the different correlations between seasons and musical keys and month and element relative to each minute.

Click on picture to view a close-up in a new window.

Here is the text transcribed exactly as written from the two pages in my journal that preceded the graphic above:

"Mind is radiant. Mind and imagination are the jeweled silver screen in the theatre of your life. Back-projected on the screen are the diverse pictures of life and possibility and growth. Causes and seeds.

And you sit within and gather the fruit from life... to life.

So, what shines on the outside through the thought-forms; what is the projector?

It is your own Radiant Self of course. However, to raise yourself up to truly perceive the highest truth, you also 'grow into the light' - you become 'enlightened'.

Thus you can equate the search for the highest self as: a pathway to overall enlightenment.

What you discover though, is that the light that has been shining on you is simply a pin prick hole in the fabric of time, space and ether that is the doorway into something even greater - the animating spirit of life - the Aum - the source.

The pathway through self is to all. The pathway to all is through self.

Jesus said "I am the way and the light". What he actually said was "(The) 'I' is the way and the light (is the way)."

So, the radiant self is the key hole to infinity. It is the 'bridge across forever'. Imagine... if you could journey up through the gateway into the perception corridor, see through the screen, enter the inner sphere and gaze open-eyed into the light of your own perfect self.

Floating in abyss - straight in - instant relaxation - no questions - no exceptions - Infinity.

Gradually manifest an intensity and have it blossom, after building, then fruit to a glorious climax." Japetus - Mid-January 1988.

In my dreams, around that time, I was climbing through layers of a jungle-jim scaffolding that I realised later were layers of dimensions and archetypes. It was that sense of dimensionality that I captured in all the different layers throughout The Radiant Self.

Author's Note: Researching this page provided an interesting discovery for me. In my memory, I believed that The Radiant Self was created in 1987, a year after Visions of Paradise (1986) but there is an interesting story about that time frame. I remembered that the second part of The Radiant Self album, called The Realisations, begins and ends with a one minute excerpt of the album that followed it - Infinity (1988). So Infinity had to be completed first.

After going through the initiation of creating the music for Nevill Drury's Mystic Pathways series in 1985...

...I went on to create my best-loved work - Visions of Paradise in 1986... where I visioned.... what could be next? What do you find when you 'vision'? Visions of Paradise was my vehicle to reach up through the swirling miasma of delusion (see whirlpool in the bottom of the cover below) and look out above the inner ocean (of emotion). In the distance, through a waterfall of illusion, I visioned an 'island of Self'. It was my soul-self, individualised and busy incarnating in the world 'below'. I was looking across to the distant horizon where my island-self seemed to be floating. Above it was a vibrant glow. That was glare from my inner Radiant Self.

I was surfing the inner spiritual wind on 'the surfboard of my chakras', steering with my heart, and as I approached the Is-land I could see that the gigantic spherical glow surrounding the top of the volcano actually contained a giant luminescent pentagram that was spinning, as slow as a galaxy, over a central volcanic core. The pentagram had large opaque coloured spheres on each point.

But the question immediately arose: where IS the radiant self? Where does it 'live'. And straight away the answer: in Infinity! So if I created The Radiant Self then the deeper realisations that you have in that inner space would need to be 'seated' and 'enthroned' by 'Infinity'. And so I immediately knew what the follow-up album to The Radiant Self must be. It would be called Infinity and contain all the 'God/Monad/Spirit sounds' that I had created for my existing work to describe the 'colour' of the 'infinite'.

So, before I could finish The Radiant Self I had to create Infinity so that I knew where to 'put it' and also what the parameters are for 'measuring' The Radiant Self. It is only from the perspective of infinity that you can truly appreciate the completeness and depth and complexity of that Self; its relationship and references; its context.

Realising that, I decided to leave the whole of The Radiant Self recording and moved on to create Infinity. When Infinity was finished after 3 months, I went back to The Radiant Self and started the recording process for the second section - The Realisations - knowing the complete context of the journey.

In the weeks before recording I had dreams about The Radiant Self journey... climbing through the graph... from level to level... looking forward and looking back. It was all laid out in the graph, so before I started I knew all the parameters for each section and how they related to the other sections. The second part - The Realisations - developed spontaneously, directly based on my experiences once I had created The Journey Through and penetrated the inner sphere.

The Radiant Self disc artwork - the view looking down on the Is-land.

Once I was floating on my back immersed in my Source at the top of the volcanic centre of my being, I could project my awareness up into each of the spheres hovering overhead attached to the giant spinning pentagram. As my focus was absorbed by each sphere I experienced five different realisations.

Between each realisation my mind would travel along the silver tubes of the pentagram delivering me into the next realisation-sphere in order. The final sphere was the most unexpected - The realisation of the whole... of the entire journey as one complete form.

The Radiant Self inside rear tray artwork

It was amazing, some 12 years later in 2000, to 'distill' the original music track down through me into words and add the guided visualisation to the package. This visualisation added a whole new dimension and gave in-depth guidance. It brought clarity to the process even though the journey is fully encoded into the music soundspaces anyhow. I literally played the music back to myself and then re-experienced the journey, and wrote down what I believed was the clearest interpretation. The words literally decoded themselves while I listened to the music soundspace and they condensed onto the paper as I listened fifteen seconds at a time and I described the story of the journey as it proceeded.

The Radiant Self - back cover

One of the unique things about The Radiant Self journey was that after The Journey Through, the listener is actually asked to sit (in their imagination!) as a now transformed, glowing radiant being and meditate on the pentagram and visualise themselves (within the visualisation!) back up at the top of the volcano and project their consciousness up into each of the spheres. Then, coming back from the spheres to the base of the volcano, you awaken from that 'internal visualisation' so you can continue the original visualisation and exit the golden sphere of 'inner space' by retracing your original steps out, back to waking consciousness.

That is quite a unique workout.

Hopefully this in-depth story and explanation can help you gain a deeper understanding of The Radiant Self and the journeys and levels involved. Please ask any questions or share any experiences you have.

More to come...

The Radiant Self
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