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Welcome to the home of the The Radiant Self double album by Japetus. As the cover says - it is a unique and complex journey into your own, inner radiance with soundspaces and guided imagery. Hopefully this website can shed even more light on it all... here is a quick overview of the journey... come up... through a Sea of Mind... to find... this glorious vibrant and alive 'Is-land' floating surreally before you. You cross the beach and enter the coastal lowlands through a sandy cave and follow The School up the crystal river through the jungle to the edge of the caldera - the volcanic, crater rim.

Then through a Doorway of Light into the inner golden sphere where you climb a Path of Gold up the outside of the volcano, level by level, before finally diving into your own inner, volcanic, radiant, 'lov-a' essence, bubbling up from The Source.

Then you flow over the edges and at the base of the volcano you do a unique 'visualisation within a visualisation' and project your thoughts up into the 5 pointed star floating above the volcano and explore the coloured spheres.

The Radiant Self represents the most complete journey that I was able to capture in sound and image and in fact the whole thing actually came to me in dreams and visions beforehand. It's the only album in the catalogue that has its own website because there are all sorts of Radiant stories to be told and future stuff too that's still to come. Understanding The Radiant Self is a great way to immerse yourself quickly into a profound space and catch a good glimpse of the whole Japetus Visionary Journeys catalogue in a nut shell.

On you can Listen to the whole double album, explore the History of the song, gain some insights into the Recording, see some of the early Artwork, read the entire Visualisation, check out some Reviews and Testimonials, and finish with some of my Writings from my Journals at that time and some of the key sayings associated with the album concepts.

This website will be growing all the time as more info about The Radiant Self from the past is uploaded, as new ideas are explored in the now, and when visioned plans for a book, movie and workshops become manifest in the future.

So, where to begin?

Have you actually heard The Radiant Self double album yet? No? Well, on this site I'm offering the WHOLE double album as a gift for you to stream and enjoy on the Listen page - after which I would be happy for you to buy it, if you like it, of course.

The Radiant Self
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